MORE Productions is a creative content development and consulting firm that works in multiple sectors, including feature films (e.g. Silence, The Ticket), documentaries, short films, comic books, stage plays, concerts and live events, children's literature and impact campaigns. We are currently in post-production on a feature documentary called Clarkston; are presently producing allegorical comic series through Cave Pictures Publishing; have done impact campaigns for feature films such as The Great Gilly Hopkins (objective was to bring more families of faith and the broader faith community into foster care); and produced Babette's Feast off-Broadway last year. Additionally, MORE has provided consulting services around culture creation and impact and conducted research into Gen Z and how best to reach and mobilize that demographic.

Tod Polson received both his BFA and MFA from The California Institute of the Arts (Cal/Arts) under scholarship from the Walt Disney Co. His student film, Al Tudi Tuhak, won many awards including the Student Oscar. Between degrees, Tod apprenticed under the Oscar winning team of Chuck Jones, and Maurice Noble. Tod has worked extensively as a director, designer, and teacher, helping develop a variety of projects all over the world. Some of these projects include: the Emmy award winning El Tigre for Nickelodeon, the Oscar nominated feature The Secret of Kells, and the Golden Globe nominated, The Book Of Life. His animation design book, The Noble Approach, Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation was published by Chronicle Books LLC
Special thanks to the following partners who have supported the 21 Martyrs film by donating Indiegogo “perks,” advising on the project, sharing the project with their network, and participating in promotional materials. 
Non-Profit Partners
Coptic Orphans
Stephen’s Children
Hands Along the Nile and Executive Director, Jennifer Cate

Consultants and Iconographers
Edmon Kamel
Tony Rezk
Executive Producer
Christianity Today
John Wesley Johnson
Financial Supporters
Thank you to the financial contributors who came alongside this project during our Indiegogo crowdfunding phase and who have donated on our website. They are listed here, in no particular order. Other contributors have wished to remain anonymous. 
Hunt Family
Alfred and Sahar Smith
Larry Short
Philip and Lamar Meaders
Robert E Stafford DDS
Ernst Lutz
Sandy Hennawi
Steve Taylor
Richard Hogue
James McPherson
Rev. Michael and Nancy VandenBerg
Ken Liu
Bishop Narayan Sharma
Michael Shipp
Sawyer Lake
Christina Guirguis
Phoebe Farag Mikhail
Santiago Lopez Jover
Carol & Gino
Bruce Shaw
Barry and Vi McVay
Carlos Campo
Marcia Lynch
Eddie Fam
Jesse Wightman
Laura Morris
Hanan Atalla
Christopher Hanani
Reem Tadros
Christine Farag
Phebe Meyer
Kevin O’Brien
Kent Hill
Matt & Maria Jacoby
Don L
Kenneth D
Erik T
Tomm M
Marcel S
John K
Michael B

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